Branded advantages

Do good things with good tools to help you quickly complete the tasks that each mission must achieve

Save time

With the new motor and special design of hydraulic system, it can bring out a large tonnage output and high output pressure, so that the construction can be completed more quickly.


Automatic model – Use the button to operate, effectively reduce physical exertion and fatigue.
Manual model – With the ergonomic design, it only takes minimal effort to accomplish the task.


We use the latest intelligence and fast charging system to extend the battery life.
At the same time, the system can prevent high temperature and equipped electric current
over-loading protection.

Save money

Products are manufactured under strictest quality control. We provide high durability product, after-sales and maintenance services.
Also avoid the long waiting time for maintenance and the cost of constantly replace equipment.

Extremely safe

Our product equipped with pressure protection device, can protect and avoid over-loading automatically. Ensure the safety of our customer.

Series overview

Provide you with a variety of product series to choose Thoughtful design to meet the best user experience

Worried about after-sales service and maintenance?

Dayang provides exclusive after-sales service in the industry

Whether you have operational problems during use, tools are damaged or the model is abnormally functioning,
We can provide related maintenance services, and also ensure your safety in use.